The LIGHTNIN Applications Support Group is ready to help you develop a challenging new application, improve your productivity or plan a complex scale-up process. We bring to your application an unrivaled combination of knowledge, technology, and service. No matter how challenging your application, chances are we've seen it, worked with it and know how to make it work for you.

We can duplicate your process in our fully-equipped testing laboratory, optimize it and give you detailed documentation on the equipment, technology and processing parameters.

When required, computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology recreates mixing conditions in a three-dimensional computer-modeled tank for faster, more efficient process development.

Save Time and Money

Slow start-ups and production inefficiencies are costly. Working with the LIGHTNIN Applications Support Group, your in-house development team will get your process up and running faster and avoid costly trial and error.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

When we develop your mixing system, we guarantee - 100% - that it will perform as specified. That's your assurance of complete satisfaction.

Let us help with your next project.  Or contact us with questions or special requests.


Key Products


Mixers, Agitators and Aerators
Top & Side Mounted Mixers
Portable and Static Inline Mixers
Line Blenders and Laboratory Scale Mixers
Solvent Extraction Mixer / Settlers Systems
Attrition Scrubbers
Rotary Vezin & Crosscut Slurry Samplers

Manufacturing equipment for the water industry is where Smith & Loveless started in 1946 and where we’ve built our reputation. We take pride in what we do – building quality, long lasting water systems.


Key Products


Sewage Lift & Pumping Stations
Screens & Screw Type Compactors
Grit Removal Systems
Primary & Secondary Clarifiers
Mechanical Aerators
Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment (FAST) Systems
Waste Treatment Systems
Lamella Gravity Settlers/Thickeners
Water Conditioning and Filtration
Ion Exchange, RO Systems

Smith & Loveless announces the release of the PRESSURE PRIME™ Product CD. This pumping system improvement can make such a positive impact, particularly in an industrial application, that it needed its very own CD. This is the first S&L Product CD devoted to a part.

The CD contains installation information, specs, drawings, pump curves and bulletins.

The PRESSURE PRIME™ Product CD has just been released, so order your copies today!

Contact S&L Print Shop Manager Bob Faris.

Sweco is the world leader in particle separation and size reduction solutions. They are #1 in the industry when it comes to manufacturing processing and finishing equipment that lasts. That's why so many companies use their Sweco Separators and Mills for more than 30 years on average . . . some even longer.


There are times, however, that a customers' process changes and they no longer need their Sweco equipment. From this, Sweco is able to acquire a stock of previously owned equipment, refurbish it and offer it to our customers.


Key Products


Vibrating Screens
Grinding Mills
White Water Filters
Round & Rectangular Separators
Low Profile Separators
Rectangular Shakers
Vortex Clarifiers
VacuumSolids Transport Systems
Pneumatic Solids Transport Systems
Thermal Phase Separating Systems
Stack Disc Centrifuges

 Sweco Hydrocyclones

 Sweco Hydrocyclones have proven to be an extremely effective, economical tool for removing

solid particles from various fluid streams. These units efficiently and effectively remove virtually all silt

particles larger than 25 microns, reducing maintenance and downtime of downstream equipment.

 Lutz-JESCO America Corp., has injected liquid chemicals into

the Water, Wastewater, Power, Swimming Pool, and Chemical Processing Industries for over 70 years.

Our Proportioneer and Yarway Cyclo/Phragm pump models 1200, 1700 & 5700 are still available under

the Lutz‐JESCO logo and are shipped worldwide.

Since 1939, Sioux Corporation has been designing and manufacturing

industrial‐quality cleaning equipment, water heating and cooling systems,

solution heaters and steam generators. 

Sioux has over 500 standard models are available with a wide range of accessories and options. In addition, Sioux is the industry leader in custom engineering to provide the exact equipment for your specific application. Sioux is well-known for manufacturing the longest lasting machines in the industry. Check out our product lines below for more information or click here for our General Product Brochure. 


Pressure Washers & Steam Cleaners

Hot Pressure Washers

Steam Cleaners

Cold Water Washers

Water Heaters

Water Chillers

Steam Generators (Steam-Flo®)

SteamGuns (Walters)

Specialty Products

Custom Equipment Capabilities

Parts & Service



Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Food and Beverage Processing



HazMat & Decon



Precious Metals



Oil Industry

Paper, Logging and Forestry

Precast Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

Thawing & De-Icing Systems

Thermotherapy for HLB

Transportation and Ground

Rail Industry


Power Plant

Trenchless Pipeliner Rehabilitation

Wastewater Treatment

Smith & Loveless Inc. proudly offers TITAN MBR™, our latest preengineered

wastewater treatment system for municipal, onsite and industrial applications.

Systems come in standard and

VSEP delivers results that conventional separations technology systems can't. Using Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (VSEP), this patented, fouling-resistant membrane filtration system makes conventional treatment systems obsolete — delivering sustained, precise separation in a single pass.

Delta Controls is unique among manufacturers of process equipment and instrumentation. Founded over 30 years ago, Delta Controls, an engineering technology based manufacturer, specializes in providing heavy duty industrial grade instruments, sensors, and controls to meet the exacting needs of manufacturers and processors throughout the world.


Delta Controls' wide range of measurement technologies provides the unique ability to furnish the best type of equipment for each application. Delta Controls does not rely on a single technology which must be "force fitted" into an application for the purpose of securing an order. There are pitfalls with every technology; successful application depends upon the careful review of all the details of each application and the careful selection of the proper instrument. Without bias, Delta Controls can assist customers in solving their measurement and control problems.

Key Benefits

Open Channel Flow
Presence Detection

Dry and Liquid Feeders, Lime Slakers, BIF Dry Chemical Feed, Mixers / Dissolvers,Volumetric Screw Feeders.

MERRICK provides high-quality weighing systems that allow you to handle a variety of dry bulk materials and applications ranging from cement to food products, power generation, mining, pharmaceuticals, steel, plastics, paper, chemicals, building materials, and even wastewater treatment. 





Weigh Belt Feeders

Loss in Weight Feeders

Belt Scales

Volumetric Feeders

Gravimetric Feeders

Flow Meter Systems

Lime Slakers


High-Density Lime Systems

Mixers & Dissolvers

B I F® Dry Chemical Feed


Air Pollution Control

Controls & Connectivity


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